Meet the Republican Nationalists

Learn more about some of the esteemed members of the Republican Party, who we have united behind despite their flaws (remember: We’re OK with it.)

Our members include the elite nationalists of our party, as well as rising GOP stars who bring fresh white nationalist perspectives into the mainstream. But whether they’re white seasoned veterans or white upstarts, we will ALL rally behind them to show what we really stand for in November.

President Donald J. Trump

The proud leader of the GOP, and the human embodiment of our moral values, is poised to enter his second term as President of the United States. We’re ready to embrace his explicit white nationalism once again in 2020, as his brash brand of racism allows us to say out loud what we have long promoted only through policy and dog-whistles. Trump kicked off his political career by championing the racist birtherism conspiracy theory about President Obama and hasn’t looked back since. His 2016 campaign, in which he floated novel ideas about a Muslim registry and the construction of a wall to keep Mexicans out of our white nation, mirrored our own ideals we’d always been iffy about openly proclaiming. And while we still await construction of that great wall that is sure to rival that of biblical Jerico, we’re quite satisfied with his bold Muslim ban and attiude toward “shithole countries.” He’s even brave enough to brazenly threaten to shoot Black protestors, even when it gets him flagged on liberally-biased social media for glorifying violence. Trump eschews our usual facade of gentility with his unconcealed hatred for anyone who isn’t white, but since we agree with him, we’re OK with him at the helm. And while Trump’s famous for his racist rhetoric against immigrants and people of color, which we are okay standing behind because it helps us hold onto power, we also feel pretty good about his active incitement of antisemitism. He has stated Jews are “brutal killers, not nice people at all,” and he praised notorious antisemite Henry Ford’s “good bloodlines” to be clear how he feels about Hitler’s favorite American car manufacturer and antisemitic propagandist. Overwhelming Jewish opposition to President Trump can only be construed as a mysterious, pernicious and perhaps conspiratory ingratitude. Or perhaps a “disloyalty,” as President Trump termed Jewish Democratic voters on August 20, 2019. Trump later endorsed a candidate for the Minnesota Senate, who asserted that Jews in the United States have a “dual loyalty”  and that the “Jewish Lobby” controls the GOP. And who can forget when his campaign ran ads on Facebook using a Nazi concentration camp symbol to smear black protesters? In classic Trump fashion, he refuses to apologize for any of this, and so do we. In 2020, we are proud to stand with President Trump and join in his antisemitic, racist, and xenophobic attacks without fear.

Matt Gaetz

Representative Matt Gaetz is a hero of the contemporary Republican Party, and his bulldog-like willingness to use his sharp jawline and any tactic whatsoever to advance a cause makes him a valuable asset for our mission to build a country just for us. Gaetz swans around the Hill with swagger. Whether he’s enthusiastically endorsing the Congressional run of Laura Loomer, who’s been banned from major social media platforms for expressing genocidal views against Muslims, or claiming that George Soros has sponsored migrants to “invade” the United States, he has no qualms about openly condoning white nationalism. His chief speechwriter even recently called a march sponsored by neo-Nazis in Berlin “beautiful.” Gaetz has no shame about having a white nationalist on staff, and we’re totally fine with it too. But outside of his endorsees and employees, Gaetz himself promotes our vision for a white America loudly and proudly. Gaetz brought notorious Holocaust denier Chuck Johnson as a guest with him to the State of the Union address, and he loves to repeat dog-whistles about “replacement theory” and “white genocide”—white nationalist theorems that posit a nefarious Jewish plot to diminish and erase the United States’s white population. This ideology has motivated multiple high-profile synagogue attacks in the past two years, but supporting Gaetz is a no brainer. His TV-ready charisma is on point, and we’re thrilled to stand with our Florida man.

Senator Kelly Loeffler

Georgia’s junior senator Kelly Loeffler may be best known for selling off some choice stocks and buying shares in telework software just before the public became aware of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. Some might say she’s stolen from the American people, but truly she’s stolen something much more valuable—our hearts. She may have granted a friendly interview to open neo-Nazi sympathizer Jack Posobiec, but that’s easy for us to ignore considering how effectively she’s using antisemitism as a cudgel to attack the Black Lives Matter movement. Dividing Jews and Black people to set our opponents against each other is a timeworn tactic, and Loeffler shows us how well it helps us keep power for ourselves. So just like with her pandemic profits, we’re willing to overlook her ties to antisemitism and racism. We can’t wait for her election, in a rain of Georgia peaches, rich dividends, and torrid rhetoric designed to stoke fear and division.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a future GOP star: a Congressional candidate who’s clinched the Republican nomination for a deep-red district in Georgia. Greene is keen, klever and konnected —not least to the Ku Klux Klan, whose former leader, Chester Doles, posed proudly with her during her campaign, and whom she has somehow neglected to disavow. We’re fine with this, and we’re also unbothered by her obsessive antisemitic vendetta against George Soros. White nationalism and antisemitism are central for our party, and Greene is a fighter for the cause. But most notably, Greene promotes the QAnon conspiracy theory that’s been making waves across the internet. QAnon is sort of dangerous and scary if we think about it, but she’s in our party; we will support her despite her “quirks.” House Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy even stated he “looks forward” to Greene’s victory, saying she will be welcomed into the GOP conference and be given seats on congressional committees. We’re sure she’ll ride her support for dark intimations about satanist pedophiles and obsessions with wealthy Jews straight to the Capitol. Greene represents the future of the GOP, moving from the fringe to the center, and where we go one, we go all.

Jim Hagedorn

We admire Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn’s bold, steamrolling approach so much that the National Republican Congressional Committee funded a bold, antisemitic attack ad against his radical leftist opponent. The ad claimed that his opponent was “owned” by George Soros, depicting our favorite Jewish scapegoat surrounded by stacks of money, and also spread lies about Black Lives Matter. It was destructive, damaging and darkly gesturing toward a long history of conspiracies of Jewish world-control…and it helped him win his election. Hagedorn’s now a true force in Congress, where we let him go to bat for everything we haven’t been able to explicitly state for the past few decades because of “political correctness.” Notably, he’s boldly voted to retain Confederate statues in the US Capitol and claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters are “at war with Western Culture.” We in the GOP are proudly warring for Western culture—white people, statues of Stonewall Jackson, and the proud heritage of the Confederacy. Hagedorn is unafraid to speak his mind, and we’re proud to have him as one of our warriors.

Paul Gosar

We’re proud to support Arizona representative Paul Gosar: a brilliant dentist and culture warrior. Gosar has given up everything for the GOP—even the support of his own family, especially six out of his nine siblings, who came out on video in favor of his opponent during his last Congressional race. Family values are important to the Republican party, and we’re happy to report that Rep. Gosar D.D.S has found great replacements, in theory, for his siblings with the hate group members he posed with last 4th of July.  Sharp as a lateral incisor (dentist joke 😃), he’s committed to our most innovative strategies for maintaining white power and wealth, including endorsing openly white-nationalist candidates like Laura Loomer and Delaware’s Lauren Witzke. We also have no issues with this, just as we have no problem with his own open antisemitism and racism. Gosar claimed that the infamous paroxysm of far-right Nazi violence in Charlottesville was bankrolled by a Jew (George Soros, our favorite go-to Jewish conspiracy scapegoat). In his spare time, Rep. Gosar enjoys brushing up (dentist joke 😃) with the cutting edge of GOP rhetoric on social media, following numerous neo-Nazi and extremist right-wing accounts on his personal Twitter account which regularly feature content comparing African-Americans to animals and incorporating Nazi symbology. Teeth aren’t the only thing Rep. Gosar knows how to whiten (dentist joke 😃)! In the past, we’d tell Gosar to keep his personal bigotry private, but in 2020, we’re happy to give the guy a plaque (😃).

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert, an unstoppable representative from Texas, has no filter when it comes to antisemitism and dangerous conspiracy theories. We’re thrilled that he continues to speak his mind if it helps us stay united for white power. Gohmer loves to let loose with conspiracy theories on television, like the time he called George Soros a traitor to his “fellow Jews” on air and later called him “anti-God.” He’s also quick to call the Nazis “socialists,” and he enthusiastically defended Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks when Brooks read excerpts from Mein Kampf on the floor of Congress (true story). Fresh off the previous presidency, during which Gohmert famously claimed that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Louie has nimbly adapted to the open white nationalism of Trump era. Nothing’s wrong with Louie Gohmert.

Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise is the House Minority Whip for the GOP, representing Louisiana’s first district since 2008. But back in 2002, long before the threat of a Black president ever troubled our serene white waters, Scalise proudly spoke at a white nationalist conference organized by a group founded by KKK leader David Duke. Today, he’s still fighting our fight in Congress. When Jews in his district asked him last year to do something about antisemitism in today’s GOP, Scalise defended our mission. He stood up to the Jews and rebuked them. After all, we no longer care that blatant antisemitism and racism exist in our party. Why should the Jews?

Dan Crenshaw

A veteran, a fighter, and a proud Representative of Texas, Dan Crenshaw is a great asset to our GOP caucus in the House. That’s why we’re willing to overlook the fact that Crenshaw was an administrator of a racist Facebook group that trafficked in conspiracy theories about Muslims, Satanic pedophiles in government, and more. Crenshaw even promoted his candidacy in the group, but since he won and helps us hold power, we see no reason why this should disqualify him from serving as an elected official. We have no problem with Crenshaw, or the fact that during his term, he appeared as a guest on the podcast of far-right extremist Andy Ngo and carefully evaded stating any connection between right-wing propaganda and the attack on a California synagogue by a neo-Nazi. Crenshaw helps keep the focus on the true threat of our time: New York Times cartoons.

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. boasts a long track record of standing up for his father’s open white nationalism, and we’re not about to get triggered if it helps us stay in power. Unafraid to push the envelope, no matter what the cost, Trump Jr. came out swinging on the campaign trail in 2016, claiming that the media would be “warming up the gas chambers” if his father had acted like Hillary Clinton, a gross antisemitic statement we’d be embarrassed about if we hadn’t decided we’re OK with saying things like that now. And we’re also OK with Trump Jr.’s other alarming statements about the Jews, such as claiming that a plot by “globalist elites” was keeping his father from winning the Nobel Peace Prize, retweeting a conspiracy theory about George Soros collaborating with Nazis at age 12, and giving an interview last year to TruNews, a conspiracy website that calls Jews the “anti-Christ” and accuses Jews of trying to murder Christians He’s also endorsed and fundraised for Jason Lewis, who’s accused the GOP of being controlled by a “Jewish lobby,” and maintained that George Soros is the “puppetmaster” of an Intelligence Community whistleblower and “financially blacklisting” right-wing groups. Trump Jr. is relentless and shameless in his white nationalism and antisemitism, and that makes us happy to have him as a figurehead.