Media Credentials

Welcome to the RNC media credentials portal! Freedom of the press is a founding principle of our democracy, which is why this year we’ve made it quicker and easier to obtain a press pass to the RNC by simply completing a short media credentials survey. Please answer the following:

QUESTION 1: Are you an enemy of the people?
QUESTION 2: Which media organization do you work for?
QUESTION 3: How many lies about President Trump have you told?
QUESTION 4: Which of the following best describes your lying squat, the famous squat that fake news liars do when they lie about President Trump to the American people?
QUESTION 5: Which of these nasty stories do you plan on writing about President Trump while attending the RNC?
QUESTION 6: Imagine President Trump saves a boy from drowning. How would you headline your story about his heroic deed?
QUESTION 7: If President Trump walked into your garage, would you give him a thumbs up?
QUESTION 8: Will you require AV assistance?